Mayhem at the Met

I dreamt that I was a new artistic director at the Met and it is was an opening night to end all opening nights. The theatre had all sorts of secret passageways and a pink dessert room with glass sliding doors. There were other hidden rooms with reclining seats of great luxury for secret high end members, though the view of the opera wasn't very clear. Also a control room with huge seats for members of management - and no real view of the stage. At the end, I said, “They're off to war here. Let's have three big climactic drum sequences each ending in a huge audience shout, added to the end, so the audience really knows it's the finish of a grand spectacle.” They put the sequences in. Thew audience claps in some of the wrong places but it's a huge success. (The third drum sequence takes a very long time and they start cheering and applauding far too early, but at the end there is a loud tam tam stroke and everyone is cheering madly.)

My boss, the general manager, in a tuxedo, says as I gaze at the dessert room, "there are other special areas, too, including one for men only, and a lawless room, because you can open carry weapons there." Someone offers me a steak, and says that Mikey and I should go and eat it in the lawless room. They had me the steak but the meat is in perfect spheres, slathered with a mayonnaise sauce which I am allergic to. The applause is still going on as we walk down to the llawless area, past plush velvet and columns everywhere. Mikey's steak is sliced and normal shaped, not like my spheres. We look at a photo card of how the steak is supposed to look. Mine resembles spheres of watermelon. The meat is very very soft. Everyone is praising my new ending ... except the tenor who is going around bitching about not having a curtain call. (He's wandering around in a powdered wig.)

I successfully scrape off the sauce to one side and avoid the allergy. I don't actually get to the lawless room. I've finished the food and now I am heading to the exit, which leads up a balustrade in the middle of the orchestra stalls. I begin humming music ... a descending oboe theme and a rising string figure. It's the overture, and in the dream I believe it to be La Clemenza di Tito even though earlier the opera appeared to some variant of Aida. It is just playing in my head. An old lady in a layered white dress (maybe a sort of wedding dress) says to me, "it's amazing how these tunes stay with you."

"Yes," I said, "this tune was all the way from the overture yet I remember it perfectly."

I am moving up the staircase and I remember as I wake up that this is actually the theme from Mozart's Prague Symphony, not "La Clemenza" at all.