Valé Moqué

Another wildly vivid dream after I went back to sleep around 6 and wake up 2 hours later. In his dream, I'm visit a movie set which seems to be Lord of the Rings. But I'm not actually at the set itself, just sitting in a studio commissary nearby, while some of the film crew are dining. Photos of the lush New Zealand scenery and of some of the actors are hanging. (The commissary is open air, with a railing, slightly elevated above the concrete of the studio lot.) We're talking about how remarkable it is that so many of the actors in the film have gone to Eton. Several are mentioned by name and they are familiar ones (I don't actually remember them, but they are maybe people like Eddie Redmayne or Max Pirkis. 

Someone mentioned a name I've never heard of ... Valé Moqué. "I've never heard of him," I say. No, I'm told, he's definitely an old boy, and I am surprised my companion uses the phrase old boy because Etonians themselves rarely use it. Valé Moqué? I keep repeating. Yes, yes ... I'm shown a recent school list that shows he only recently "graduated" (again I am a little surprised at that word, which Etonians also rarely use). I say, "I'm still in touch with people who are there now. I will ask one of them about him."

I walk through the restaurant, past people in elegan square t tables with four chairs who seem to be having tea and being very English, saying to myself in a frightfully upperclass accent, "Eaugh, eaugh, eaugh." Perhaps I'm trying to make sure people realize I went to Eton myself.

I walk out of the commissary down a few steps and cross a concrete walkway that has people in costume moving around and then I suddenly see a huge warehouse which is really a set for "The Mikado." Abruptly, I'm no longer an observer but an actor. I enter a scene in which a lot of people are standing around in Chinese (note - NOT Japanese) attire. I myself am wearing a 19th century frock coat of some kind, and the people around me are in a circle including a lady in a purple kimono-like (but Chinese) costume. They are loading up some wagons or something, for shipping, but are moving very languidly, without enthusiasm.

I begin declaiming in a Shakespearean way (obviously acting for the camera) "Why are you here in foggy San Francisco, instead of enjoying the tropical delights of Hawaii?"

A bent, elderly lady speaks to me, but it is incomprehensible. I realize it's not English at all, but fake English as it might be comedically faked by a woman who only speaks Chinese. 

I realize that as I am in a movie, I don't actually have to say anything that makes sense when it's a foreign language, so I begin talking to her in fake Chinese. She reacts knowledgeably. Fake Chinese! I think to myself. Cantonese, to be precise! We continue the conversation in the fake languages as I wake up.