Bhuridat is Part VI of Somtow's Das-Jati - The Ten Lives of the Buddha - a massive cycle of ten music dramas which when completed will be the most ambitious piece of music theatre in history, projected to be performed over a period of five evenings.

Bhuridat is a story of heroic sacrifice and endurance in which the Buddha-to-be, born on earth as a Dragon Prince, is captured by a charlatan Brahmin and made to dance for people's entertainment in village squares.

Magic abounds in this drama that takes places in three worlds: the kingdom of the Gods, the dragon kingdom beneath the sea, and the world of men. The story culminates in a dramatic showdown between duelling shamans to liberate the Buddha from his enchantment.

The story opens with an aerial battle between a sea-serpent and Garuda, the winged messenger of the gods, and climaxes in explosions that threaten to tear apart the ancient city of Benares.

Somtow has conceived Bhuridat as part dance, part opera. Choreography by the amazing Puwarate Wongatichat of Suriyothai a Ballet Opera : สุริโยทัย บัลเลต์ โอเปร่า, Music Direction by Thailand's leading conductor Trisdee na Patalung, and starring all of Thailand's favorite singers both local and imported, such as Stacey Tappan, Zion Daoratanahong, Monique Klongtruadroke, Damian Whiteley, and Dag Schantz. Jak Cholvjiarn reprises his role from THE SILENT PRINCE as the Boddhisatva. The composer directs.