Books by S.P. Somtow

General Fiction

The Shattered Horse

Jasmine Nights

Forgetting Places

The Other City of Angels (Bluebeard’s Castle) 

The Stone Buddha’s Tears


Dark Fantasy

The Timmy Valentine Series:

    Vampire Junction



Vampire Junction Special Edition

Moon Dance

Darker Angels

The Vampire’s Beautiful Daughter


Science Fiction

Starship & Haiku


The Ultimate Mallworld

The Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate Mallworld

Chronicles of the High Inquest:

    Light on the Sound

    The Darkling Wind

    The Throne of Madness

    Utopia Hunters

Chroniques de l’Inquisition - Volume 1 (omnibus)

Chroniques de l’Inquisition - Volume 2 (omnibus)

The Aquiliad Series:

    Aquila in the New World

    Aquila and the Iron Horse

    Aquila and the Sphinx



The Riverrun Trilogy:




The Riverrun Trilogy (omnibus)

The Fallen Country

Wizard’s Apprentice

The Snow Dragon (omnibus)



Media Tie-in

The Alien Swordmaster

Symphony of Terror

The Crow - Temple of Night

Star Trek: Do Comets Dream?




Fiddling for Waterbuffaloes

I Wake from a Dream of a Drowned Star City

A Lap Dance with the Lobster Lady

Compassion — Two Perspectives



Mae Naak



The Silent Prince

Dan no Ura

Helena Citronova

The Snow Dragon

Sama - The Faithful Son



My Cold Mad Father (in press)

Fire from the Wine Dark Sea

Chui Chai (Thai)

Nova (Thai)

The Pavilion of Frozen Women

Dragon’s Fin Soup

Tagging the Moon

Face of Death (Thai)

Other Edens

S.P. Somtow’s The Great Tales (Thai)

Terror Nova (in press)

Terror Antiqua(in press)


Essays, Poetry and Miscellanies

Opus Fifty

A Certain Slant of “I” 

Sonnets about Serial Killers

Opera East

Victory in Vienna (ed.)

Three Continents (ed.)

Nirvana Express

The Maestro’s Noctuary