The House Concert from Hell

I had a dream that I was giving a house concert at the home of the Austrian ambassador. Various people were singing different songs. Finally they asked me to sing. I got up and walked around the dining room singing the immolation scene from Götterdämmerung. 

I was singing The words Der Gattin trügend, treu dem Freunde. Everyone was surprised that I could sing. I sang in a very quiet restrained way, almost in falsetto.

The next song was Ständchen by Schubert. It was more appropriate to the occasion. I remember thinking about the etymology of the title. About how it means a little stand. In the dream, the words are distorted. Instead of leise flehen meine Lieder, The words are leise stehen. In my dream I think, there you go a little stand.

Then I went upstairs phone went and when I came down all the guests were gone except for a strange little half bald man sitting in a corner with headphones and a keyboard. He was singing into a microphone. He was recording a second track onto this computer because he had already played the accompaniment.

I didn't recognize this person and the style of the music was quite different from the concert. Then someone handed me a big bottle of wine. This is Godassi. He said do you know what this is? I said no. He said then you failed the wine test and I'm going to give it to someone else.

(note that in the dream, I misquoted Wagner - it should be "die Gattin trügend". By putting "Gattin" in the dative, I made her an indirect object ... but I think it is significant in the dream somehow)