Bona Myrt

Last night I dreamed about music and creativity:

In my dream, I have resurrected an ancient choral piece and I am conducting a rehearsal of it a library, a renaissance building, it's cathedral like but not a church. The piece is in A major, but at the end there is a magnificat for which there exist two alternative versions, one in Eb and one in A. The piece also weaves back and forth between the two keys by utilizing each of the two tonics as a pivot note into the Lydian mode of the other tonic. (This is more of a Wagnerian or even Mahlerian device, so it is very uncharacteristic of this period.) I am trying to decide which version to use. The Eb is much more complex and the A major finishes the work (a Vespers) in a more obvious way. I am going over the words with the chorus and the phrase BONA MYRT recurs again and again. In the dream, I am explaining that they mean "good pain" or "sweet pain." The words BONA MYRT are being sung as I wake up.

importantly, Eb and A are a tritone apart, making them the most remote possible keys from each other. They are therefore polar opposites. A piece traditionally finishes in the same tonality that it starts with, so ending an A major piece with an extended movement in Eb would be unusual, even daring (for an ancient piece that I presumably "resurrected"). The woman in red WAS in this dream, but I forget where exactly — I believe the chorus was in red and were all or mostly women. On waking, I realize that "myrt" also relates to death, but only "pain" appeared in the dream (viz, It. "martire", Eng, "smart" rather than Skr, Cz. "mrt" Lat. "mort-") The spelling of MYRT moves it towards the name MIRA that appeared in a previous dream.

More things I remembered: it's definitely a women's choir and they are wearing red over white surplices. The location is the vatican library, though I've never been there. The entire composition is about the Virgin Mary.