Water, Water....

It is 5 AM. I wake up from a dream where I am a young boy who has emerged from a high-rise after midnight. The street is flooding. Men in yellow hardhats are chatting, laughing. Water is coming coming coming from the left hand side. It is beautiful and exhilarating in the night. The street is like a river. It has white waves and dark water.

I begin running, chased by the water. I cross a metal bridge. It's a bridge with trapezoid iron grid work, like a railway bridge. I constantly take selfie's. I catch the water in snapshots of its motion. On the other side of the bridge, The colors are more blue and cool and the street is more medieval looking. It's a narrow high Street like an old English Village with cobblestones. I keep running and snapping pictures. The water is rushing behind me. Finally I manage to catch a snapshot where the water is a huge Wall frozen, much taller than me. It is so beautiful and such an elusive shot to have taken.

Very happy with myself, I turn right and the street it's more dry. There is a house with an iron covered walkway and a black gate. From a basement apartment, an old woman comes up some steps. She is followed by an elderly Asian couple. She says to me, where are your parents? Why are you out so late? You should not be out so late, a nice Asian boy like you.

Then I wake up.
Now it is 5:18 A.m. I am barely awake now, and I think I must go back to sleep. I just had to write down this dream before it went away.