Human Sushi

In my dream, there's a war between humans and aliens. They are like giant lizards. We holed up in a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is a doorway made of dark wooden beams. I am hiding in a shaft to the right of the door, avoiding some crossfire. There is a huge explosion, that allows me to escape down the tunnel into the open air. As I escape, I am watching a replay of the explosion. A man in a black beard and his wife are using black gunpowder to blow themselves up. They are dressed in black but the costumes are archaic, like a western. He is wearing a black bowler hat. It is a tender scene and I know that he is doing it to save my life. I slip out of the tunnel opening. The aliens have captured all the humans. They are lined up and tied to stakes behind the counter. They are dressed quite formally in 19th-century clothes, white and beige. It is a glass counter like a pastry shop. Behind the glass are open faced sandwiches, each one topped with a quivering piece of human flesh.

At first I think it's a human sushi bar, but then it more resembles a delicatessen, as they are open bread rolls, like hot dog buns. There are sliced human flesh but also some cubed chunks, very bloody. To my surprise, the humans tied up behind the counter exhibit no signs of being hacked up and no wounds. Yet I know it is their flesh.

A lizard behind the counter is forcing the captives to eat these sandwiches, which have just been sliced from their own flesh. I slip away knowing that the old couple have lovingly blown them selves up and saved my life.

This was part of a much longer dream, but the final scenes are all I remember. The open air delicatessen with the humans tied up behind the counter was an extraordinary and vivid scene.

There seems to be a reference to my own novel that was a tie in to the V series from 1985, "V - the Alien Swordmaster" where the aliens open a human sushi bar in Tokyo.