A Fifth Lower

I dreamt that I'm performing a fiendishly difficult a cappella piece with a number of singers. The score is written graphically instead of in notation. Notes with ledger lines are hung from an intricate web of clothesline like lines that crisscross the page.

It is a Capella, but Loon is sitting at a piano occasionally using a note or two. My part is a bass part but for some marking reason it is written as the second of the clothesline hanging way above the others. The parts the weaving in and out andI sing one note and the next one plunges way below. The plunge is from B-flat to e flat. I successfully hit to the plunge and the pianist plays repeated e-flats confirming I managed to guess the right note. Everyone says to me, "how did you do that?"

I tell them that I just guessed from the contour of the part but it must be a fifth apart. Everybody congratulates me, but I know it is just simple logic.