My Dream House

Last night I had a dream that can only be described as wish fulfilment. I dreamed that I was moving into a new house. It only cost 20,000 a month in my dream but it was a stunning penthouse. I was looking through the bedroom first. There was an adjoining room so cavernous I was sure I would use it as my office even though it had no windows ... I didn't notice at first it was just a walk-in closet. There was a long corridor and at the far end of the house was another huge living room. It was only the rugs I didn't like — they were sort of fake, but I knew I could move in new rugs from my old home. In this big corner room, Paye Srinarong was playing the violin, He asked me how I managed to get this house for only 20,000 a month.

I left the house briefly and found a complex of other houses and restaurants, all very elegant. When I went back I told the people who were helping me move, "We won't starve here."

I went back to the bedroom. On the way there was an antechamber to the bedroom and I realized the rugs were much better here. There was a blue rug with a Turkish design (according to the dream, but the design was actually Persian) and at the entrance to my bedroom there was another blue rug. "Now THAT one is worth money," I said in the dream, "look at the abrash on it." It was faded but beautiful.

I walked back down the corridor again. Turning left and left again I found a second corridor. It was so narrow I had to navigate it sideways. On my right was just wall but on my right were weird machines behind heavy metal doors. There was also a master fuse box for the entire building. I realized that the entire complex was being run from my penthouse. When I arrived at the other side of the corridor I found a beautiful room with two recessed alcoves on either side of a beautiful inset column. I realized that this room could be the library. It was all done in sky blue. "But where will we have tea?" I was thinking. 

Then I turned and saw on the other side of the corridor a beautiful room with blue Louis XV style chairs arranged in a circle. Why, there is the tea room, I thought. Moving further along, there was an identical room next to it. Perhaps a deeper hue of blue. I said, O good, one room for tea and one as a dining room.

As I woke up I began to realize that 20,000 a month wasn't so cheap; I had been thinking it was Thai baht, but in fact it may have been American dollars....