I have a dream. The shounen thai quartet was rehearsing in my house. One of them was missing. They were all wondering who could play. They looked across the street and called out the name of someone who used to play in the quartet. But it wasn't him. Several more people walked by.

Secondly the quartet was actually rehearsing but it had a lot more than four people in it. It had a conductor too. The conductor was my orchestra manager, Now. Also, they were playing not in my house, but on the pavement across the street from my house. And I was watching from the other side of the road.

They began to play a piece called Quartet no. 4 in g major by Jay. One of the violinists said, but what is the piece called? The conductor said ask Ajaan.

I said, it doesn't have a name as such. It's just a quartet and a number and it is in G major. It doesn't need to have a name.

That violinist, who had never been a member of this Quartet, and was a little bit chubby, said, I don't understand it. How can a piece of music not have a name?

I said classical music is like that. It only needs to have a number and a key and what kind of piece it is. In this case, it's a quartet.

They started to play. I woke up.