I had a dream that I and Mikey were sort of the same person and we (I) was being raised in an orphanage. A murder occurs in the orphanage and we are all assigned a public defender, a plump, dark-skinned guy who talks very loudly. He is dressed in green.

Now Mikey and I are separate people and I'm campaigning to have him get a separate lawyer, and a woman in a white business suit is hired. She is clearly a top laywer. We walk into the courtroom and the accused kids are all being barked at by the dark-skinned lawyer, loudly disturbing the courthouse. So Mikey's lawyer says, "Not him, he as his own counsel." She takes Mikey to a different part of the room which is elevated, with a bar counter, all wood, wooden panels, wood plank flooring.

The other lawyer is perfectly willing to get rid of one of his clients, but there seems to be some resentment.

We all hear that from time to time, the circus comes to the courthouse, but it is legendary; no one has ever seen. But the court calls a recess and suddenly the walls are gone and we are standing in a forest clearing ... only everyone is gone and only Mikey and I are left and now we are the same person again.

Suddenly, running in from the right across our view, the circus does show up. Or is it an army? First there is a troop of mysterious people cloaked from head to toe in turquoise coats, then a band of soldiers in bright red Ottoman Empire clothing, then more and more color-coded regiments. They are all running across what looks like a wooden bridge. I don't see a body of water though, just a sea of leaves.

I (and Mikey) decide to walk forward, to see these people up close. We cross the clearing and enter the forest pathway. They are all standing now, a kind of mediaeval army with knights and lords, very brightly colored, mostly crimsons. They seem hostile, but I begin to sing a national anthem - a cappella - very boldly. It's a militaristic kind of anthem and the words are in a weird language, but the second half is repeated, with triplets decorating the tune. As I walk towards them singing, their hostility becomes acceptance. I wake up.