Being a God

A dream. Okay this starts off inside some kind of Nordic, Mediaeval world and I am a God, wielding incredible power, battling forces of doom in some Ragnarok-like situation, and also terrifying the peasants and sweeping through the universe ... incredible power fantasy. 

The dream ends in more of science fiction mold as a huge wall of UFOS rains down from the sky and I have my back to the walls of a crenellated castle, waiting for the UFOs to transform into anime-like aliens.

Then, still in my dream, I wake up and I say to myself, I must write this down, it is so powerful, a dream where I was a god. I'm trying to write it all down and it's like some kind of cross between a computer screen and a piece of parchment. It's not going quickly enough so I get out of bed (still dreaming) and go down to my office.

There, there is a kind of pushbutton pink phone. I start typing this dream up on the phone, which also has some stenographer like half-formed set phrases in it. I look under the phone and see that buttons of a conventional phone are underneath. I go back to typing on the top of the phone, marvelling at the complexity of its technology (while being so retro at the same time.)

As I type on the pink phone I wake up and I walk over to my office for real and start typing this. The dream had so much more in it. The first episode was so dark and Mediaeval, and the second so brightly colored ... and the part about trying to write it down - and forgetting the harder I tried - was as long as the rest of the dream put together....