Fraktur in the Vatican

My dream. I'm in a big research library. It's like Vatican Library, mysterious and gloomy and ancient, but with light from a single window in the distance.

I'm rifling through the shelves when the librarian handles me a huge folder. This is what you're looking for, he says, the TIPPETT folder.

I open the folder and it's a fat pile of documents. It looks like a police file in parts because it appears that Captain Ventura has been investigating the composer Michael Tippett for some kind of moral turpitude. There are letters back and forth and in my dream I read through them all, confused because this was not what I came to the library to research.

I sift through more documents and presently I come a musical manuscript and I notice the author's name: by Somsak Sucharitakul (nickname: Speedy). I see that the spelling of the surname is that of the other branch of our family and I am surprised to see that I have some kind of cousin named "Speedy" who composes music. 

The manuscript is on glowing white paper in ink and appears to be written with one of those old fashioned dip pens because of the texture of the lines and the way the dots are on the page. The handwriting too is old fashioned, a bit curly with some of the letters formed unusually, like in old German script. I start looking at the music and see it is a waltz for piano. I wake up.