Very brief memories of a complex dream. I'm walking through a large mall or hotel with Mikey. I'm carrying a painting I just bought. At the head of an escalator I realize I left the painting downstairs. Mikey goes down to get it.

I'm opening a book of drawings/watercolors. Their style is somewhat like commercial art of the 1960s. There's a striking picture of a boy's face looking downward. The way the picture is cropped prevents one from identifying the boy. The artist's signature is very clear: it's KUHLAU. All caps, very distinctive handwriting, looks a bit like Walt Disney's signature.

I search through the book for other works by him, and find others in the same style, notably a full page female nude (no face, seen from behind). But they have different artist's names. I'm still looking for Kuhlau when I wake up.

This is all I remember but there was a lot about how I came to buy the painting. In my dream it was wrapped in brown paper, so I don't actually recall the painting itself.