Rosemary's Baby

I went back to sleep around 4 am and had another dream. In this dream I was about to go and record a soundtrack for a film. 

There is a young girl who is a Thai film actress. She's rather chubby, with a ponytail and shorts, and she has been staying in my house. In this dream, my house has a covered passageway/driveway on either side, so it seems to lie between two tunnels.

The music I'm about to conduct appears to be Lalo Schifrin's soundtrack to "Rosemary's Baby". According to my dream, the composer has included a special trombone solo. The actress says "Yes, that's me. I'm supposed to play it, and I can." It's just the theme of the movie played on the trombone which I guess she is to record on top of an existing backing track.

I say let's go to the studio. She goes to the house to do something, maybe get her trombone. Mikey is with her, they will go together. I tell them the chauffeur will pick us all up and take us the studio.

Suddenly I realize that the person I thought was standing there with the girl who I thought was Mikey was actually someone else. Both the trombone playing girl and he are off somewhere.

I exit the tunnel and turn left and enter the other tunnel, where the front door of the house is located on my left. I shout for them to come. Then I call the chauffeur.

He says, "I'm in Yilin." Yilin? I scream. Why aren't you at work? "I don't know," he says, "I just happen to be in Yilin. It's many tens of kilometers away." I say, as I stalk into the house, "All you had to do was tell me. If this ever happens again, you're fired." Meanwhile, the theme from Rosemary's Baby keeps playing (on the trombone) louder and louder, in my head.

I wake up. Now of course, the actual theme by Schifrin is for a children's choir going "la la la" not for a trombone, so I have no clue what this means.