I dreamt that I was in a living room, seated on a sofa, and my father was on a barstool at a counter. On the counter was a dead cockroach. In my dream it's called a cockroach but in reality it's more like a really fat spider with tiny legs.

"I'll get rid of it," says my dad. "No. no," I say, "it's already dead, don't worry about it." But he ignores me and brushes the dead cockroach onto the floor. (The floor is dark green carpet tile.)
As it hits, it immediately begins to sizzle, tremble, and shake and its skin begins to burn off. It is almost alive in death.

A tall friend of mine, I don't know who, Is seated on another sofa in another part of the room (the bar counter is on one side of a L, this sofa on another.) He picks up the sizzled cockroach and says, "It can still feed." He puts it in a bowl full of cockroach food. "The amazing thing is, it knows not to eat other dead cockroaches. It can continue to feed."

As he says this, I see the dead cockroach squirming in the bowl and I suddenly see another one on the floor but this one is huge. I don't know how I haven't noticed it before. It is huge and flat and red, and a bit H.R. Gigeresque. The legs are spindly and hairy - crablike. It is so huge that it fills the entire. If I want to leave the room, I will have to move some legs out of the way. The legs are dry to the touch. I wake up.