Stealing Art

I had a dream last night, when I was feeling dizzy and disoriented, perhaps from lack of sleep; my vision has been blurry and I haven't been able to concentrate; I'm very stressed although being in Vienna has been quite calming ... the thought of chaos in my office has not been ...

So in the dream, I have managed to amass a huge collection of forbidden art and I need to escape with it. All the art shows strange internal organs - livers, intestines, I have stolen it from somewhere, a museum etc. and around me, the government of the country I am is collapsing. (It is somewhere in Europe). 

Along comes Mr. Joerg Ayrle, driving a car. "Get in!" he shouts. "I will take you to safety!" I load all the art and we are off. But instead of leaving the country he drops me off at a marina.

I am standing on a railing by the edge of a body of water - it is a harbour or a wide canal, with townhouses (sort of like Amsterdam) on one side (but they are brightly colored townhouses, like ones I've seen in Czechia which were painted after the fall of communism to disguise their Stalinist architecture). I am left here alone with the cache of forbidden art.

Nervous I leave the art and wander around, concerned about whether I will leave by train or tram. I reach an uphill cobblestoned street. I wake up.