Film Noir

I had an incredibly detailed dream and I am rushing to write it down before it fades because it is so bizarre.

First, the WHOLE dream is in black and white, which never happens with me. In fact it's in very stark, exaggerated black and white; it seems to be happening inside a film noir. In fact throughout the dream, I am sort of speaking in a Humphrey Bogart voice.

I'm in a messy office, and an old fashioned 1930s style phone starts ringing I pick it up and its a faint voice, an operator, from America. "It's your son William John Raitt, from L.A. You need to help ... instantly ... there's terrible trouble ... a murder...."

"Put him on," I say.

But instead, he walks into the room. He's wearing a swimsuit and holds open a tabloid newspaper. "Sorry, I had to contact you this way ... I had to make sure you were home."

I'm very happy to see him. "Hi, Johnny" I say. "You're getting fat." (But actually in my dream he more lean and buff than I last remembered him). I look around me and actually we're not really at the desk anymore ... the desk is still there but we're at the edge of an Olympic pool (which is grey = it's a black and white dream.)

Johnny says "Read the tabloid. You're doomed. It's all been discovered."

I start reading. In the article, someone has uncovered some emails, and receipts, proving that when our orchestra went to Carnegie Hall, I somehow submitted an invoice to pay for a Chinese restaurant to someone twice. "But this is not only minor, but it's untrue," I say. I read on. The paper begins to lay on huge charges of corruption based on this invoice. There's also pictures of bills and invoices, like a prosecutor building a case.

"What are you going to do?" he says. (In between taking dips and using the diving board.)

Suddenly a tiny slip of paper falls out. It's the name and address of a lawyer named GADY WILLIAMS. It's not a business card, more like typed up, obling rectangular slip of paper, sort of like an errata slip. I look at the slip and wonder whether this is the name of some kind of blackmailer or of the lawyer who will salvage this situation.

The unusual aspects of this dream include the whole film noir look and feel of it and the fact that in the dream I sit down and read an entire article in a paper and much of it was sort of coherent in a dreamlike way.