A Dream about Ganesha

I dreamed that I’m in the middle of producing one of my Buddha operas. Except that the venue is not a theater but an actual city. We are doing a scene that has something to do with the God Ganesha. 

In the scene hundreds of people clad in garlands are supposed to run through the streets. They are dancers or chorus members dressed as elephants or as nagas. At the crucial moment I’m panicking because the crowd of garland cloud dancers does not enter the stage. Where are they, where are they I am screaming.

I discover thousands of yellow flower gardens hanging in an area in front of where the state should be. But there are no dancers. Then at the last minute, I realize that the dances are running in with dozens of white garlands, which my sister has sent.

The scene it’s completed and I walk through the street. I reach an area where White garlands are piled everywhere. They come in every size some of them much bigger than a human could wear. And I’m shouting at my stage crew, it’s not enough, it’s not enough.

How do you seen the real festival in India? I say the festival of garlands. In that festival, the garlands are so thick and high that you can see nothing else. They’re absolutely higher than chest level. The street cannot be seen for garlands.

I woke up at around 4:30 AM. I have not had enough sleep so I will go back to sleep now. I believe that this dream means that I need to offer a lot of garlands to Ganesha. It’s very vivid and there are two colors of garlands in the dream. The yellow ones hanging, and the white ones that are used in the ritual.