Czech my Specs

My first vivid dream in months. I am in Olomouc (Czechia) about to judge a singing competition. My whole family is staying at the hotel. I wake up late and I'm already needed at the judging so I bring my family out through some French windows onto a stony veranda. The stage is far below; steps are cut into the rock and my parents at first do not want to go down to the VIP seats because of the stairs. My aunt is particularly fussy. My mother is wearing a fur coat. At length I coax them down and I descend onto the stage. I realize I have forgotten to get dressed and I am wearing only some purple sweatpants.

Seeing my state of deshabillé the crowd starts to applaud. "I need a teeshirt" I say and start looking around. First I wrap some plastic wrap around myself (wodering if it will cut off the air and if I will suffocate). Then I find a bag of logo teeshirts and empty it out and squeeze one on, thinking it might not be my size.

None of the other judges or contestants are there yet. So, I decide to take a brief break. I tell the audience I'll be back shortly. Amazingly, to my left (audience right) there is another French winoow. I go through it through another room and find myself on the street and there is my old car, which the Czechs have kept for me for 40 uears at least — it's a turquoise colored Malibu or other big American car. I decide to go for a spin.

The streets are picturesque and very narrow and at first I'm driving on the left by mistake. I leave the tiny town behind and move into the countryside, and I pass some fields and make a sharp, uphill right turn, Beautiful stone houses. After a while I retrace my steps. I go back and the left turn back into town is surprisingly tight and I realize that the road is at the edge of a cliff that I could easily have driven off by mistake.

There are huge orange bricks and concrete blocks lying the road and I barely believe that the car's wheelbase is narrow enough to avoid them, but I presently I do make it back to the hotel, though it isn't quite the same hotel; I park the car in what looks like an American motel parking lot and go up some steps. I find myself in the corridor hurrying to my hotel room (not the same one I woke up in). 

Leaving my door open, I feel about on the shelf (there's a narrow corridor into the sleeping area with the bathroom on the left) and I see a pair of very thick, child-sized glasses (such as the ones I used to where when lenses were thick and not plastic) I wonder who has been in my room.

I look out. My door is still open. A blond child wearing only underwear is staring curiously at me. I look away and when I look back he has vanished.

On the shelf I find another pair of spectacles. It's newer. The frames are black. So there are at least three pairs; the ones I am wearing and the two on the shelf before I get to the bedroom. 

And then I wake up.