Grand Master of Vampires

So: I dreamed I was the grand master of vampires and in my dream, I was dreaming about how to impart my knowledge of the dark to a young apprentice.

In the dream within the dream, words came to me:
a single breath
a single story
a single death
leads on to glory

at least, that's what I think I heard in the dream within the dream, but when I woke up inside the dream, those words were slipping and I was now sure if they were right … so I spent time trying to reconstruct them …

then (inside the first layer of the dream) I'm putting together a brochure about how to be a vampire. I start to read it and there are pages and pages of acknowledgments and introductions and chapter lists and I realize I am never going to get to the actual text …

that's when I wake up, still trying to figure out if I remembered the words correctly…