In The Third Reich

I had a really disturbing dream. It is during the Third Reich and I am a young person slavishly devoted to it and trying to join the SS. I especially am trying to impress a girl, an extremely "Aryan" looking blonde one. During the dream it all seems natural yet now I am awake I get the creeps.

In the dream I am trying to figure out what to wear to a huge rally. I keep trying on uniforms, each one more and more extravagant. Finally I think, THIS is what I need, and I put on a cloak that has a huge, red flapping front part. The crimson is so bright that it dominates the whole dream. Surely, I think, no one will be wearing a uniform this bright.

I am in a courtyard and there is an iron gate, I step out through the gate and there is a huge square lined with hundreds, perhaps thousands of uniformed men. And I realize that I am not the only one with such a red cloak. Dotted amongst the black-garbed men there are many people with the long, flapping cloaks, bright spots of crimson in the sea of black.

The rally is about to start and I wake up.

At the time of the dream, there seemed to be nothing disturbing at all; my consciousness felt detached, even clinical. But now that I am typing this I'm very shaken. I do have dreams about this period of history from time to time. But in those dreams I'm often in a concentration camp. I've never dreamed of admiring the other side before. Indeed, I've worked very hard to combat the lack of knowledge in Thailand about this part of the past. 

What am I being told in this dream?