Let Sleeping Polar Bears Lie

My dream began with my bedroom. My Pomeranian Chihuahua Gustav is running around on the floor near my bed. Next to him a large black dog sleeping. And in my bed right next to me a huge polar bear.

When I wake up in my dream everything is peaceful. My sister knocked on my bedroom door. She says, “you can’t keep those animals in there.They must be outside or the room will get dirty.” First I let out Gustav. Then the large black dog goes out and runs through the kitchen, through the back door, into the yard outside. This appears to be the house I lived in 20 years ago, on Cohasset Street. At least, the layout of the house is very similar. 

When I go back to the room I discover that there are small black pieces of shit on the floor where the large dog had lain. I see that I can’t keep any animals in the room at all. But I don’t want to disturb the polar bear. He’s big, and he’s dangerous. However, I see that he has left green stains on the sheets. In the dream, this particular polar bear is a vegetarian hence the color of the stains.

I decide to trick the bear into leaving. I open the door and make a lot of noise for the bear jumps up and runs out of the room and follows the same path at the black dog into the yard. Now the polar bear is running around outside.

Now I’m in the front of the house which for some reason it’s made completely of glass. It seems that the bear is outside, I wish I could play with him. So the bear and I run back-and-forth. We run together he outside the glass and I inside. It’s like a little game. We are together but separate. It is safe.

Suddenly it occurred to me that the neighbors might be frightened because a polar bear is running around in the neighborhood. I look through the glass walls and see a few of them. They seem a little worried. I decide to risk going outside.

In my backyard I ran into a woman and a child who treat me very brusquely. When she sees the bear instead of being afraid she decides to use the bear in a plan to take over my house. SheCalls out to the bear, and then runs in the house and then I see that the house has stairs going all the way up to an attic. She has Lured to the bear to the roof and the bear is going to come down through the roof into the attic and terrorize the people in the house. As I wake up I hear the bear padding upwards, up the walls of the house.