Meat of Horror....

Last night's dream ... I went with my whole family to have dinner in some building, maybe a mall, but not brightly lit, rather gloomy, with an upstairs wooden corridor reached by steps.

I heard someone say, "How about Japanese?" and I said, "not if we have to sit on the floor." But we peeked into the restaurant and the floor had shallow, square openings so one could actually sit normally and hide ones legs (although they were too shallow to stretch properly) … we went in anyway.

There was a long rectangular opening in the floor big enough to accommodate my family … but it had no table. So we sat around it, as if our legs were dangling over an empty swimming pool. My sister Pinky said, "O look! This is a very famous dish - Prakhanong beef!"

Someone was serving it on a platter. It was about eight pieces of sushi, topped with raw meat. Prakhanong, of course, is the well known location of the horror story "Mae Naak" - subject of one of my operas. It has nothing to do with Japanese food. Seeing this sushi makes me think of horror.…

Then, someone in Japanese clothing is pan-frying some potatoes by the side of non-existent table. The potatoes are cut in circles — so these are home fries.

My mother says, "Wait for Bruce, Bruce is coming soon."

I wake up.