A Superman to be

Dreams … all night long. Wars, courtroom dramas, a series of TV shows almost. Each time I woke up it would slip away but it was a really eventful night. A remember a bit of the final dream. First, I am superman,

Well I am "selectng" a superman to be. Various somatypes are projected in the area; fat, thin, super-skinny — and I pick a rather boyish self, scrawny … and then I am superman … but no I am not. I'm some kind of sidekick, a Jimmy Olsen type.

My office has been bombed out, and two reporters have shown up to question me about it. I tell them to ask superman. I offer to take them to him. But suddenly, in mid-walk, I become superman and I am jumping,jumping into the air (and telling myself I am getting this wrong, 'm supposed to fly, not jump.)

A woman in white is waiting by a picket fence. I pick her up and soar vertically upward like a rocket, through the crowds up towards the stars (thinking — maybe there's not enough oxygen for her). And I'm saying, "Do you remember now?"

I think the ending is sort of like the movie (one of them, anyway), In fact I think all night long my mind has been replaying movies and television shows.