Headless Crosses

A dream: sitting at a table outside having a dinner in the middle of the night, only moonlight. A woman is collapsing. She cries out - the inverted cross - the inverted cross - the pain, the pain ... there are no inverted crosses....

Then someone notices that the table we are sitting at has trellises that are like the letter T, in black metal, and someone says these are crosses that have been decapitated. We gaze in horror at these trellises that have spread some kind of unholy miasma.

A woman shows up dragging a small flight case. "I've brought all your things," she says to me. I wonder how they can all fit.

It's a black metal case. I take it from her and it's really, really heavy, as though it contained everything in my life. Perhaps the small back piece of hand luggage actually empties out into another dimension.