Motherly Love

Although it's slipping and sliding I want to remember what I can of this extraordinary dream. I'm trapped in the top floor of a hotel in a suite and I am, apparently shooting a porno video with a fat lady. It's a golden room and everything is gold, the drapes, the wallpaper. There is no way out.

I'm looking for an elevator. Suddenly a wall panel gives way. I think it must be the elevator but no, it's a secret room, a laundry room or garbage or storage but this room, too, is gold.

Back to the main room, I yank a drape aside and see that it hides a french door opening into a rooftop balcony. "Good," I say, "more shooting angles for this film."

Suddenly a voice declares: "You are imprisoned here forever unless you declare that you love your mother."

I am about to speak when suddenly I am released from the hotel room and I'm alone, driving to another location.

A whole Part II of this follows which I am desperately trying to remember - huge adventure - but it's fading fast.