New Repertoire

I should also jot down this dream before I forget it. I'm sitting at a bar counter with chef Christian Ham and we're discussing an international tour of the opera.

"I don't know if we can send anything," I say. I write out a list of four operas in our repertoire:

1. blurred
2. das Gläßende Haus (this is nonsensical German but this is how it appears in the dream)
3. der geile (another word or two, blurred)
4. Götterdämmerung

(Of course, only No. 4 is an actual opera. No. 3 sounds like a porno! No. 2 sounds like a portmanteau of "gläsern" and "glänzend".)

Okay so we're discussing sending these mostly nonexistent to operas in Europe, and the Christian says, "We're missing the afterparty!" We leave the bar and walk down a long sidewalk towards another restaurant. The door is open and instead I see huge breaded shrimp, stacked on an open fire which is burning furiously.

What does it mean? (No. 2 is something about glass houses, not throwing stones? yet the house is glistening.... is the burning shrimp (shrimp=small) in contrast to the the ending of epically huge Götterdämmerung - which is also about burning on an open fire? What is Christian Ham doing in my dream?