Egyptian Circles

I had two wildly vivid dreams last night. One was very domestic - but overblown. I dreamed that my sister Pinky and I had purchased space in a luxurious condo-like building. It is really vast. Behind the living room are a series of curved corridors, like the insides of a conch shell, leading to bedroom suites. It's all on an open plan and people from other condos are wandering in and out of their own bedrooms without an boundaries. I am fearful of getting to the wrong bedroom if I pick the wrong spiralling corridor.

The living room as at least 30 different furniture suites in all styles and there's a grand piano at the end nearest the bedrooms and a brown upright I start thinking what a great space for a house concert and I start counting seats - over 100 of them - and wondering whether it would be okay to bring in straight back chaires for a concert. The furniture sets are mostly in gold an olive, there's one with benchlike wooden frames and black and white cowskin pillows.

The living room doesn;t have a wall (it's all open plan) and opens out into the vast lobby area with women behind counters and even a box lunch service.

In fact I soon find people sitting in some of the furniture sets and wonder what they are doing in my living room, except I seem to have wandered into the lobby of the building. I look back and my own living room is quite far a way, one step up from the lobby, the bedroom spirals so far away as to be almost invisible. There's all sorts of foot traffic around, people hastening to other condos, but always this spiralling, shell-like interior. In fact the condo is like an infinity loop.

I went back to sleep and had another dream: one where I am directing Aida. A huge chorus in Egyptian dress is walking around in a circle. The triumphal march music is blaring from a curious black circula column like speaker. They march around and around and I realize that the scene needs more happening. High priests, citizens with offerings, need to come out to importune the marchers. But the ENTIRE scene has finished playing back on the speaker and the chorus is still marching round and round and won't stop.

Is it a nightmare? It's certainly a bit Kafkaesque, but I feel no terror or paranoia....