Gamanium Wine

My dream: It started like a horror film. I'm in the middle of arranging a wedding and I go down into the basement. There is a sweeping staircase but hidden behind it is another staircase, dirty-white and creepy-looking with very narrow steps. It seems to lead elsewhere. In my dream I tell myself, "I thought I was in a romantic comedy, but it turns out to be horror." And I keep remembering the name of the movie wrong (it's "Alas for" - something or other.) I'm not sure if it's in the dream or in my thoughts while in the dream, but there's a bloody corpse floating down the back stairs.

I go up the front stairs and people are saying, "Oh, this house was built on a gamanium mine. Gamanium is the rarest metal on earth and the ghosts are protecting it." The name of the metal fluctuates from Gamanium to McGammon during the dream.

I open up a French window and am on a rickety wooden balcony. A bright golden cannon made of gamanium is pointing directly into the house. Quickly I turn it around - it is really light - and point it to the dark forest beyond the balcony. I hear it go off as I reenter the house. Then a beautiful woman enters in a dress that appears to be made completely of mcgammonium. Not sure who it is - maybe my niece Mink Sucharitkul who is about to be married.

Going out to the balcony again, I move to my left and see that the terrain is changing before my eyes. The grassland and the forest are melting away and being replaced by fields of gamanium, the metal is golden and has stripes of a darker hue. The house is sitting on a huge deposit of the mysterious metal.