In the Ice Age

Little remains to me of this dream after being awake unnaturally early for many hours. But basically what I remember is a long journey "home" to a bleak, snowy country - I believe we're in the ice age in this dream, wearing animal skins.

But when we get home it's actually an apartment building with a central atrium and a staircase that winds around and around the sides of the atrium, so it is a long climb. In the building, it is snowing and when I reach the floor that I call home the walls are icy and cavernous so it is both a cave and a concrete building — perhaps like a diorama in a museum.

The carpet is also a snowy forest floor. And then I hear music, very clearly, with each step. The sound is orchestral but my steps are punctuated by chords played on three flutes, each a major ninth apart, thus the passages are spread across the whole range of the instruments....

This was my dream after falling asleep really early last night from sheer exhaustion.