Ladies in Red

My body clock is very screwed up. I went to sleep around 6 pm and had a dream and now it isn't even midnight yet.

In my dream, I've been living in a Dickensian orphanage and I succeed to busting out with a few friends and I'm living quietly in Germany when I realize it is time for me to free the other children.

I return to discover people don't really want to be freed. But I still manage to do so and stir up a big escape. However, hundreds of ladies in red, some kind of nuns, are lined up with rifles to bar our escape as we run into the street - it's night in a middle-American small town sort of downtown.

I run into one of my aunts, one who is always critical and she starts to lecture me. I say, "Nonsense. These kids were being mistreated and kept against their will. I rescued them! I'm a hero!"

The chief woman in red is the superintendent of the orphanage. I end up pursuing her to a weird room. The floor is muddy and it's being dug up to form a lower prison level. There's an upper level to my right and an inner room ahead, and the nun is backed up against the doorway.

"Let her dig!" I shout. The nun is straining against a rusted metal fence and manages to pull it out of the mud. "What strength!" I say. "Of course," she says, "I'm a nun"

A voiceover says that the rescuers later became fashion designers and the nun is giving classes in superstrength in a prison. I see a brief glimpse of her teaching chopping wooden planks with her bare hands to inmates. Then in the dream, I wake up. I find myself in a room.

The geography of the room is identical to the room where the nun was digging but now it's a child's bedroom. I think to myself, I've managed to wake up in the room I grew up in in Sukhumvit 24. Except it's not quite the right room. The walls are green tile. I think, I should go to the bathroom and there is one outside, and down the hall, but the closest one is the room the nun was standing in front of before which was a jail but now is a bathroom. I get out of bed (which was the shallowly dug area the nun was digging) and very groggily try to leave the room....

and then I wake up.