The Buddha speaks in a dream

This extraordinary dream woke up me before 6 am and now I cannot get back to sleep:

I dreamt that there were three of us. One person had gone on ahead and a woman was behind me. she wore lavender. In the first room there was music playing. It was an anteroom and it was decorated in the style of the 1960s. The living room furniture had open, polished dark wooden frames with a bit of a curve to them, sort of like the curve of a longbow.

It was some kind of test or audition. I was summoned into an inner room. A man seated at a lit desk read out of my name. The lightning was fluorescent and made his face a kind of chiaroscuro silhouette. Creepy.

He pronounced my last name something like sessionseses. . Then he and the woman behind me pronounced my name correctly in Thai. The lady behind me laughed at his mispronunciation.

I play the piano. It was a white electronic piano. I play for quite some time and the music is somewhat like the opening of the Rachmaninov Vespers (a big choral piece so I am not sure how the piano produces this sound).

After a while I was called into another room. In this final room, the Buddha spoke to me. He was standing wearing yellow, and he had a halo. He did not look real but like one of the paintings on the wall of the Thai temple.

He spoke to me words of great comfort and wisdom. In the dream I woke up and was desperately trying to write down everything I had experienced in the dream. I was already forgetting things.

I was in another living room quite different from the first one, because the chairs were plump, sofa-like, comfortable and fully upholstered (no wooden naked frames). The woman was sitting in an armchair and I was sitting at another one and I was telling her that I seen the Buddha in my dream. She was no longer wearing a lavender but it was the same woman. She had on a white cardigan. Also a pleated dress. I told her that we all have cancer and that I was no longer afraid of it. The Buddha had dispelled my fear. It seemed to me that I was talking about someone else.

The woman listened to me gravely as I told her about my dream.