This Means War

I dreamt that we went to a remote part of Thailand to give a concert. That was a large audience in the kind of semi-outdoor, militaristic kind of hall. Really it was a concrete pavilion with a hard floor, some cream colored square columns, and a concrete roof. Next to it was a huge lawn, and beyond that some barracks. It resembles like a training camp or a military school. The concert either hadn't started or was only just underway when we received word that we were all going to have to be evacuated. We were all waiting to receive semi automatic rifles because the road was not going to be safe and we might have to shoot people on the way back.

We were waiting impatiently. Then a huge truck load of soldiers in camouflage drove up a narrow path. We were not to receive weapons after all. They were go to escort us. I found myself in a chauffeur driven car. It was a tight squeeze. I was in the backseat by the left-hand door. We were trying to get my niece Vanina to come into the car but she was panicking. She tried the door on my side but said she could not squeeze in. Then she tried getting in the back it must've been some kind of station wagon or hatchback. But she just couldn't get in and she was running around the car.

I was telling her not to worry because we would get to the highway soon and the military escort would prevent us from being killed.

As she was running I noticed a white Malibu directly in front of us. It was just parked in the driveway next to the pavilion. I will car did not stop but barrelled right into the back and rear ended it. The Malibu was pushed against the fence and its front fender was being crushed.  (The fence posts are flat plywood, pale colored with triangular tops.)

I began screaming, "Where is Sun? We have to wait for Sun!" It seems that my concertmaster was stuck in the barracks on the other side of the lawn. I was worried we could not evacuate him in time. The Malibu was slowly being crushed because my vehicle would not stop. It seemed that the driver had left the car to help my niece try to get in. Behind us was the huge military convoy. As the white car was slowly collapsing, I woke up.