The Four Beasts

I dreamed that I entered a white tiled bathroom. A pile of wet faeces was oozing from the toilet bowl and it gradually resolved into creatures. The first to crawl out of the slime was a giant lobster-scorpion. It was alive. It began to slither out into the house. I called my sister Kiki to look at it.

The next creature was a magnificent peacock. It looked at me, or right past me, and it too walked out into the house.

Then came a pheasant. It was white but it had a long tail that was also a serrated razor and it was lashing back and forth and wounding the last creature which was a small white wolf. The white wolf (no more than a puppy) howled in pain. As I watched, there might have been a fifth beast, a little cockroach, but I did not know if it was dead or alive.

None of the animals seemed to show any emotion.  They seemed to look through me, as if I wasn't there,  Only the white wolf seemed to have feelings of any kind.

The bathroom door led to a narrow hallway through which the main house could be accessed. The doorway was on my right and it was west I think. It was made of dark wood. The Floor was all white tiles. The bathroom was therefore connected to the main house by this corridor.

And that was when I woke up.