The Jacuzzi of Dreams

Another really weird dream. I'm living in Hollywood in the house of a really rich and powerful person named Brian. There's a big party. A very impressive Svengali like guru shows up. He speaks of wild adventures. All the guests are enraptured though I myself am skeptical. He speaks of a journey and being boiled alive.

Suddenly we hear sounds like popping or bursting. Brightly colored globes at our feet are illuminated. The popping is the sound of a hot spring. It's vulcanism.

Water is flooding the room from overhead pipes, and the room apparently is actually a Jacuzzi.

It's very exciting but too hot. I leave the party and go upstairs to bed. I go to sleep and then I wake up again. And waking up, this is still part of the dream, I remember all that has passed as being a dream. I walked on the stairs and find a huge empty Jacuzzi filled with rich foamy water. The steam is filling the room. It's a semi-covered veranda and the water is very pale blue. The steam fills the room so I can't see much.

I think this is a great time to enjoy the Jacuzzi. I enter the water but it is chilly. I see a red LED thermometer that reads 90° hanging on the tile wall. Suddenly the Jacuzzi is full of all the party guests from last night's dream. They are all naked. They are a cross-section of the rich and famous. The Svengali stands in the middle. He says I'm here to teach you new adventure. And we must all be given by soaking together. "But," I say, "the water's too cold." He tells me I am right but to sit there anyway. "I'll wait till it gets warmer," I tell him. I leave the room. I enter a hallway and then I go through a door to a veranda where there's a way up to my room up and exterior Z-shaped staircase like a fire escape encased in a metal grid. As I go up the stairs I wake up again for real.