Gas Masks

In my first dream, I was at a rehearsal conducting and showing a stack of posters of the orchestra playing in Carnegie Hall. Then Wishwin Winry Sureeratanakorn the cellist stood up. He said look here's another poster of me. I am playing the Dvorak cello concerto. It's in Carnegie Hall too. I rifle through the posters and find his poster behind ours. I see the name of the orchestra. The initials of the orchestra are SW A R. In the dream I know the initials stand for something like south something Asia something. I ask him when the concert is and he says August 7. I say, good! I have to be in America right afterwards. I will fly in for your concert.

I wake up and find myself in another dream. I am a child in a New York apartment and I'm in a 1950s sitcom family with a Donna Reed like mother. The whole house is full of an acrid poisonous gas. Special gas masks have been issued. They are paper with Bizzarre markings and they wrap around the head. The gas masks haveA special foldout section on the two sides with additional dials and switches for special occasions.

I know that I somehow have been responsible for the gas leak. I am going to go and heroically fix it. I say to my mother, I'll have to wear the mask overnight because I'm leading the expedition to fix it. She thinks this is very sweet. She bends down to kiss me and the scene transforms into the closing moments of the TV show, with black and white and a moving score by Alexander Courage. A heart-shaped cut out provides the wipe that ends the scene. A camera push in and then I wake up.

(By the way, the heart wipe seems to come from I Love Lucy, and the "moving score" of those sitcoms wasn't by Alexander Courage - he wrote the "Star Trek" theme. The final closing chords in my dream were similar to those chords.)