Here is an odd dream I had. I dreamt that my son Johnny (in the dream he is in his late teens) wet himself and was being dragged out by thugs to be flogged as a punishment. I came out into a large quadrangle and saw this horror — these burly guys were whipping him and had thrown him down on the ground. I managed to fight off the bullies. I pulled Johnny up and waited for him to pull his pants on, and walked him across the grass. I said to Johnny, "This is called emicturation. There are three ways to cure it, three kinds of medication." ... In my dream I remember listing the three medicines in great detail, but I don't remember that part.

I know that the proper word is "enuresis", but the word "emicturate" appeared in my dream. This as far as I know is a "joke" word used by a science fiction writer (I can't remember who) who said in an article "But what emicturates me most (look it up)" - i.e. "pisses me off".

P.S. Johnny never had that problem. I can't figure this out. The whipping scene was very frightening.