Mr Somtow Goes to Washington

I dreamed that I was at a gathering of presidential candidates. All the Republicans stood in a crowd on the left side of the room. The Democrats were in a semi circle on the right. I myself was a candidate and I found myself standing in the middle of the room next to George W. Bush. We were ordered to arrange ourselves in the order of those who had the most to the least votes. George and I had the highest and with therefore next to each other.

I asked who the lowest scoring Democrat was. To my surprise it was another George Bush. He was also a governor. He stood off to one side, looking like a cross between George and Jeb. 

I said, I really miss you Mr. President.

George smiled and said, yes those were some fun times.

I said, no matter how horrible things got, you always put a good face on things.

He began laughing, and then presently we all got the order to march forward and the candidates all went, shoulder to shoulder, down a winding path behind a monstrous boulder.