Coming To Town

Tonight I fell asleep at 9 PM and I had a vivid dream just now waking up at 5 AM. In this dream, I'm directing a Christmas play. It's very brightly colored — a comedy about a family.

Looks to be a sort of amateur production. It's a small theater, with the audience on those fold up aluminum chairs. The setting of the play seems to be the night before Christmas and it's very slapstick.
The play has already started when I suddenly realize standing back stage that we never cast Santa Claus. Santa Claus has a couple of scenes in this play where he appears with one other character. The script appears in my mind's eye on those pages with Santa Claus in them become suddenly very glaring. The fact is, they are essential to the play. That's why we forgot to rehearse those scenes. I realize I will have to play him myself.

I am wearing a white jumpsuit as I stand backstage. Quickly I tell someone who is with me, I think he is playing the father in the family, to run to the store and buy me a red Santa Claus outfit. The outfit is identical to the one I'm wearing right now except that it I s red.

"What size?" He asks. I tell him size 46. Then I say no, bigger, bigger. The biggest you can find. I stand in the wings stage right. The audience is having a great time, laughing and smiling. On stage every character is dressed in green and white. I am needed in my red to complete the color scheme. Anxiously I await the arrival of the red jumpsuit.