Filming the Killer

I had a terrifying dream. It's about a serial killer of the John Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer variety. In my dream At first I'm like the serial killer's assistant. I'm like someone that he decided not to kill and now keeps around to help him murder people. There's also an old couple who looks after him. He has a crazy house that is able to fold up and become a prison. When he brings a victim, the old man who guards the house pushes a button and the entire living room raises up like a drawbridge and folds up the house.

I watch him chasing a boy who is very reluctant to go with him in a dark alley. The boy says he cannot go because he is sick. But the killer grabs him. He starts screaming and the killer somehow jumps into a canal and keeps walking, holding the victim who now has a screaming muffled because they are underwater. They enter the basement of a house. The rooms are completely underwater, yet look normal. We enter the house. I'm following and watching. There is a doorway. The doorway is up three or four steps, it's a black door. Behind the doorway it is completely dry even though we have been walking underwater. I'm thinking to myself that is not logical, the water levels cannot be this different. What scientific anomaly is this?

The killer carries the victim into the pantry then up some stairs into a central hallway. To the left is the sunken living room. He gives the instructions and the old man pushes the button. The house closes up. He disappears somewhere with his victim, up into an attic. I reflect upon the fate that I escaped.

The old man says, don't worry. It's not so bad. When he's not looking, I mess around. He shows me where there is a
crack in the wall where he can go out. The house is not a trap after all.

Suddenly, I realize that none of this is really happening. Actually I am a filmmaker. The boy is a real former victim who has volunteered to be an actor, reliving his trauma and perhaps working through it in the process. I am sitting on the bridge outside the house which is actually a set. The buildings are stone and we are near a canal. 

I tell him, I'm really sorry to put you through this. Now the next scene in the script isn't exactly what happened. Please don't be disturbed. Just act.

More and more, since leaving the house, this film is becoming a period piece in which people addressed in Victorian clothes. We filmed the scene in which the victim goes to the police. The London constabulary marches over to the house and raids it. They discover evidence and go back to the police station.

However, the next scene is unexpected. We go upstairs into a hidden room. A group of 19th-century people who appeared to be some kind of Oscar Wilde secret club is having a meeting. There are people in extravagant costumes, and someone in drag. I film the scene. They are discussing what to do with the serial killer.

This is really terrible, says the man in drag. He is a blonde in a green dress. This person will damage our reputation Things already bad for us in the society where we are hated and condemned.

Another man says, we must take care of this ourselves. We must make him disappear. Yes! They all agree. From now on the man says he is marked.

I continue to film the smoke-filled room then I wake up.

This terrifying dream appears to somehow be a replay of the film Tenderness of the Wolves. I watched it on video about four months ago.