Coffee in Paradise

I dreamt that I was watching CNN and there was a movie trailer. I stepped into the television and became part of the world of the film. I was on a pathway in an Idyllic landscape. Three bald dead people were lined up, on the ground kneeling, touching each other, face to back of head. In the back was a living person in the same position. This was a sort of yoga exercise. Attaching oneself to a kneeling row of corpses was a pathway to a higher consciousness.

As I walked further down the pathway children in brightly colored clothing skipped by. The pathway doubled back. There was a vast banyan tree with little purple streamers hanging. We were supposed to walk beneath the tree with tongues sticking out and let the streamers touch our tongues. Behind, across a river, will more trees. There foliage was overlaid with bright turquoise maple like bunches of leaves.

Someone said to me, "this is a preparation for the life after life." 

I stepped through the CNN wall and now I was in a political wrangling situation with people running for office. But I didn't care because I was about to take off in a new adventure, an L5 colony that was being shot off into space.

As the colony lurched into the sky we were all rolling around inside. Presently, the flight became smooth, and I was able to see the beautiful world inside the skin of the L5. First, we were all lined up at a ticket booth. Everyone was buying a ticket to go somewhere. It was like a museum. Everyone was passing through the ticket booth on the right-hand side. It had a glass wall with someone inside. I looked next to the lady in the ticket counter and saw what looks like a stamped hotel receipt that said room. I said, "Could I have some coffee please?"

She said, "no, this is only a ticket booth. You have to go inside." I said, "I'm so sorry I saw the receipt, you see, and assumed that if you could get a room you could also get coffee."

The conversation seemed to distract the lady and I was able to pass through on the left without paying at all.

Within the skin of the L5, a vast vista of fields could be seen just like in that famous book by O'Neil. Ahead, there was some kind of carnival or fun fair. And finally, that was in fact a large counter behind glass selling coffee. I went up to the line and asked for a cup. But before she couldn't give me a cup, there was another official holding a license sticker in his hand. I'm sorry, said the officer, but you will need an official license before selling the coffee.

I said to the officer, we are outside the jurisdiction of the United States. We are not even on earth. Why are you insisting on imposing Earth's authority here?

The officer said technically, this is a territory of the United States. He stuck the license sticker on the glass and I was able to get coffee in a Styrofoam cup.

Then, I woke up.