Naked in the Lobby

Such a cliché ridden dream. I was stuck naked in an elevated hotel lobby. I was shielded from people only by the fact that I was sitting in a monstrous green striped sofa that faced a huge window that looks out over the outside world.

Two friends came to my aid, I have never known before they were brothers. One of them was a Frenchman named Jean-Claude. The other was German. Apparently they have been separated at birth. They were both trying to find ways of helping me. Finally they got me an oversized white T-shirt and some sweatpants but no underwear.

I needed to find a way home but they told me I also had to eat. I had no money but a menu from the hotel restaurant appeared in my hand. I realized that I could order food and have it sent to my house and then I could slip away myself and go home in these outlandish clothes, perhaps by taxi.

There were turned out to restaurants, both serving beef. One specialized in steaks, the other in roast beef with crepes. I decided on the former. They served steak in three sizes. Each came in a black steel pan. The pan had a small steak and a triangular piece of roast beef. Even the largest size wasn't very big. But I didn't want to have the one with crêpes.

I was figuring out which credit card to use, and how to slip in to the massive T-shirt so I could get away with walking down the lobby. I woke up.