I had a vivid dream about searching for a missing child. A baby. The child apparently is my nephew. The child belongs to my sister but this is not one of my real sisters. Sister in my dream is very distraught and weeping. Two other sisters are sitting in a restaurant waiting. The restaurant is in a hotel. It has wood paneling. And they're sitting at a nice wooden table.

I'm knocking on a door and when I go in and ask about the missing child the family inside make disparaging remarks about my being a Mexican. I said, the kid is white.

In fact, the kid has a Caucasian father. I reminded myself that the kid is like my niece, Vanina.

As a mother goes on wailing a blond man and a three-piece suit comes up to me and says are you the one looking for a lost child? I say yes. I know where he is he tells me. The man takes me through a very shabby anteroom with a cockroach walking on the decaying rug. He opens the door and we are in a very elegant restaurant.

I see the baby in the distance sitting with my friend Vishwa. Vishwa is also wearing a beige three-piece suit. Improbably, the baby is wearing one too. They are having a lovely time and I suddenly realize that Vishwa is the father. He says to me don't tell her right away because she doesn't let me see him.

I return to where my sister is still wailing and I say I found him. He's with his father. And don't you ever forget that he needs time with his father. Don't take him back yet. I go back to the dinner table and neglect to tell the two other sisters for some time. But eventually I relent. Then, I wake up.