Raining Hats (and Dogs?)

I remember two dreams from last night very clearly. In the first dream I'm composing a piece of music that somehow manages to "confront" hell itself. The melody is a bit like some of the Baba Yaga music in Pictures at an Exhibition, but there are three big bass drum strokes in between each iteration. The melody is heavy on augmented fourths.

In my second dream I'm part of a group of evacuees from a terrible war. We are in a plane and the plane is going down somewhere. We are young, children really. One in particular is very young, boy with curly hair, a brunette, and a straw hat.

The plane is going down. we're trying to save our belongings. We gather up a lot of hats. I have a pile and he has a plan and there's a half eaten sub meatloaf sandwich.

But the plane breaks up in mid air and as we watch, Thousands upon thousands of hats flying over a temperature countryside. The hats all mingled. It is a beautiful sight. Almost like a flock of birds.

Back on earth, somehow we managed to land safely but someone has stolen all the hats and they are already being sold in souvenir shops in what looks like a small French Village. My little friend is enraged and wants to lead an expedition to get the hats back. I see the half eaten sandwich on a plinth in a store window. We run into the store and start shooting. As it happens, I realize there are many more stores to invade, thousands more hats to recover.