The Perfect Predator


In my dream I'm in a huge aquarium. It's filled with beautiful and exotic fish. There is green fluorescent exotic snakelike fish. There is another fish which is flat and green and metallic. It is the fish that is deadly poisonous and it hangs motionless in the water. It has disguised itself as seaweed and only the fanged, flat snakehead is identifiable. Looking at it, thinking it is the perfect predator.

I only look away for a minute, When suddenly the water has drained away to a small puddle at the bottom of the aquarium.

People in white uniforms are gazing through the glass.

I ask where the flat green metal snake has gone. Nobody knows. They tell me someone has stolen it or that it is writhing through the building.

They tell me that there is no way out from the control room behind the aquarium, except for a narrow pathway for the technicians to use the toilet.

The phone rang. And woke me up.