Everyone Knows

I had an amazing dream. First I was in a bookstore and I was reading a magazine that told that the origins of my fame where in sleazy horror films even though they are all obscure now. It was a strange magazine because the text was in four squares of print instead of two columns. It mentioned my old film "The Laughng Dead" and claimed it had made me a household name after an obscure past.

Then I was standing outside in the night under a lamppost with a guy named Stephen and telling him I read that magazine. I said, "Yes in those days I took any monster job I could get. One time I played a ball of grease in a gas station. I would lie in wait and attack the wheels and gasoline and metal of cars."

As we stood there there was a view of a car with bright headlights along a deserted country road at night. The road had a railing and I think it overlooked an abyss.

"Funny," he said, "there was a gas station like that in my old school. In fact the grease ball monster was well known. Everyone knew to avoid that gas station at night. Only ghosts used it. It was known ... we had one gas station for the dead, and one for the living."

"Yeah," I said, "Everyone knows that kind of thing."

I woke up.