Thais and Turks

So I continued to dream this night, but they were less fantasy and horror. I dreamed I was in a small room in an armchair and to my right, a girl was using a computer. She stood up from her chair and another girl walked into the room (an L shaped room). The other girl said, "I have to watch TV." She breezed in and grabbed the cushion from the chair where the computer girl had risen from, and just sailed out of the room.

Incensed, I follow and there's a small corridor that leads left and opens into a small room where a bunch of girls are all watching TV. Their faces are covered with blankets. I start shouting, "Don't you know she was using that pillow! How dare you! You are a bunch of unmannerly women, not properly brought up!" 

The odd thing was that the whole dream was in Thai, which is unusual for me as English was my first language.

The next dream I had, I was at a Turkish fast food stand trying to order a Soltani (something I've only had in Persian restaurants). I was trying to speak Turkish to the girl behind the counter and wondering whether I should call her "hatun". Then I went round the corner to the men's room. I was telling someone while peeing that I was addicted to this Turkish mini-series. 

Then I woke up....