Tea with the Earl

Jan 14, 2017 10:07am

I dreamt that I was at a posh party, possibly one thrown by the Earl of Warwick. At this party it wasn't quite clear whether I was one of the guests, or the Butler. In any case, at one point I was being called upon to demonstrate the proper pronunciation of "your majesty". An American lady in a tiara was imitating me without success.

Another guest said to her, "you will never be able to say that because you didn't go to Eton." She began complaining. The guest explained, "you couldn't have gone because only boys went there."

There were some huge glass windows looking out onto the lawn where other guests sat. They were at elegant tables, with white clawed legs, and glass tops. A man in tails with a bushy white beard said to me, through the window, "there are only two Etonians at this party. So why are you the Butler?"

I responded, "I shouldn't be, but as I'm the only miserable Oriental in the room, I'm forced to play the role of a miserable domestic."

"Oh I see" said the bearded man. "Then
You must recall this obscure publication called the unitary papers. This fellow, Broadley Spearley, was a member. They were very controversial."

I was laughing. I said, "oh you must mean Aubrey Beardsley. I remember him well."

"You're that old?" He said

"No no, I don't remember him literally. I studied about it. He was with Byron." (by the way Byron went to Harrow so this was a mistake in my dream.) "They had this publication which was very sexually liberated."

I could see the publication in my minds eye. It was tabloid size, with an illustration of a bright orange flame.

At that point something very crucial happened but now I'm desperately trying to remember it. Then I woke up.